Sunday, December 27, 2009

Settling In

Well seems I got my Holiday present from CCP, and I don't mean the new ship. I finally got not one but two High Sec openings into the system.

First was a small R943 in High Sec area of Black Rise. It had already had its mass reduced but not critically, so I jumped the Orca in with the small POS setup, closing the hole behind me (which was also just fine by me). Moved to moon of choice and offlined to wait for playing time to set up the POS.

After getting the initial POS and Corp hanger setup, I explored the static 2 and found another High Sec opening in the Amarr region, only 13 jumps from my High Sec base of operation. Well two Orca trips later I had 90% of my gear in the w-space and 2 weeks of fuel.

With the POS finally setup, I spent the first night running the anomalies down to just 1, in an effort to dissuade visitors from hanging out in my system. Been using a beam abby setup with a pulse Harbinger to handle the frigates and work as a webber on the cruisers so the abby can hit them easier. Seems to be working well, though still takes awhile to clear the sites.

Last night had a little RL extra time and got to play an extended 5 hour stretch. Took this time to mine 10k Ark roid, 15k Bistot, and most of a 20k Crokite roid. Nice haul when i get another opening to high sec to refine it.

Overall now getting settled in and avoiding landing on the grids of my two statics to keep the systems as closed as possible.

When I can get a chance to get the gear for my Pulse Abby, I will try a Radar or Mag site.

Fly Safe,

Last night

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