Thursday, December 17, 2009

First Night

Just a quick report on the first night in the new wormhole.

The Wormhole D382 moved and this was very good news, as the static to a Class 2 was the more important of the two connections. The Low Sec Wormhole A239 had not yet moved on the initial scan, and at the end of the night I did not feel like scanningthe system down again to see if it was static. I will save that for tonight.

A quick scan of the neighboring Class 2 W-space yielded a High Sec exit that ended up being 7 jumps from my base of operations. I quickly rallied the Orca and fit it for a mobile base of operations, flipped my Abby and Harb setups for Wormhole running, twisted the arm of a corp mate and off we went to run some anomolies.

While it took most of my time to get the stuff jumped in, we did manage to get 3 anomolies run and probably netted close to 100M in salvage thanks to 16 Melted Nano's. With a Beam Abby, Pulse Harb, and Drake these sites went down pretty quick. The Beam Abby is probably the worst of the three ships for running Class 2 Anomolies, as there were only a few BS level ships. Will need to work on its setup for Class 2 anomolies. It really is setup more for Radar and Mag sites.

While my Corp Mate jumped back to our base of operations, I remained in the hole with the Abby, Harb and Orca (with scanning ships in the Orca).

Tonight, I will confirm if the A239 is static and continue to run some anomolies.

Fly Safe,

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