Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Orca is out, but still no way in.

With the Orca stuck on the wrong side of the collapse in Black Rise low sec, I decided that the best route to getting it "free" would be to scan down an entrance into w-space and move through w-space to a high sec opening, or change ships in mid stream and settle any decent Class 2 or 3 systems I could find.

First system was void of any signatures, but the second found an unstable Wormhole. Warped to 100km only to find several sentries around a K162 wormhole. Opened channel of communications and explained my situation and asked if they had a route back to High Sec. While they offered me "safe passage" they did not have a route to High Sec. Onwards to the next hole.

Three systems later found another K162, no sentry, but popped my head in to find a very active systems with numerous POS and ships on scan.

Couple more systems and Bingo, found a B449 wormhole, direct to high sec, and of course it was on verge of collapse so I had no more then a few hours to jump the Orca 4 jumps through the backwaters of Black Rise.

Using the magnate as a scout and waiting for systems to be empty I started my trex. First jump was easy between two systems where I was the only person in either. Second jump was to a system that had 1 guy in a station. During this jump I got a little excitement when some jumoped into the destination system, and 30 seconds later appeared at the gate. Orca was already in route. As the Orca came out of warp his Drake jumped through. We jumped together and if he saw me he did not care to turn around as I aligned and cloaked on the other side and he never jumped back through.

The real fun came on the next jump. Again waited till both systems were clear and started the Orca from the planet I was cloaked around towards the gate. As I approached three people popped into local. I jumped the Orca through, alligned to a planet and cloaked. Before I could fully alighn (man Orca's are slow), the three popped through the gate. Fortunetly none were close enough to uncloak me. As they flew off I breathed a sigh of relief. Too soon. Not 10 seconds later local exploded. I quickly lost count of the number of ships that were popping up all around me. There had to be atleast 30-40 ships coming through the gate. I can only assume they were chasing the first 3, but who knows. All I know is the closest any came to me was just over 5,000m. Way too close for comfort.

Once my heart stopped pounding and the gate was quiet for 30 seconds, I uncloaked and headed for a planet.

Fortunetly the last jump was uneventful, and while there was a scanning frigate at the Wormhole I paid it no mind as I jumped the Orca to High Sec and landed deep in Gallente space.

On the other front, two more D382's have passed without an opening to High Sec. The first was a system identical to mine with an A239 and D382 exits. The next D382 in that chain was very full and active. Last night found a very worked Class 2 system with only 3 sigs. Its two Wormholes and the one I created. As I saw no activity directional scan I warped to 0 at the first Wormhole and was greated by a manticore and a bomb for my efforts. While I could have jumped through, I did not have a backup scanner in the Wormhole, so i turned around and headed back to my K162 hole. I hailed in Local that I was looking for a way out. No response. I warped back to the B274 wormhole at 100km and saw the manticore before it cloaked. Fortunetly I was able to click the pilot info before it cloaked and found that 1) the wormhole was over 45 jumps from the Orca, and 2) they had it on the verge of collapse and were bringing in their own Orca to refuel their Class 4 POS. The other WH was a Class 1 hole that would not fit the Orca. Another night, no way to get the Orca in.

Here is hoping the next few nights brings some success.

Fly Safe,

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