Thursday, December 10, 2009

The Hunt is On

The hunt for our next wormhole home is on. Prefer to find a Class 2 or 3 with a static 2 or 3. I regret the fact the early on in our hunt for our first home I found a 2 with a static 2. It was unoccupied and unfortunetly I did not know the value of the statics at that point.

To help in the search I have created seperate toons on my accounts and spent the minimal training to get their skills high enough to fly a scanning frig, grav rigged, with Sisters probes. I trained Rangefinding to 2 and feel I have decent skills to quickly get through signals at least to pin down the types. Getting to 100% is a bit slower then my main scanning toon, but I can leave these "sub-toons" in WH systems and really dont care if they get popped as the most expensive thing they have are their 5 Sisters Probes. As of today, I have yet to lose any of these toons and have flown through numerous systems.

So far I have two of these toons in a class 4 with a static classs 4 that I am hoping will be our home when we get good at what we are doing. The other toons are traversing W-space looking for a suitable system.

At this point, I have seen a lot of systems groupings that have a class 2 with High Sec static and Class 1 static. These little systems groups do not allow for deeper penetration into W-space unless there happens to be a K162 from another system. So I have taken the tact of trying to get these scanning toons into higher class systems. I guess the ideal would be to get them into a class 4 with a static to a class 2 or 3. This would "guarantee" a class 2 or 3 a day to look at for a suitable home.

The most interesting hole to date I have stumbled accross was a Class 2 with a static 4. The system was packed with no less then 6 POS's and only had 3 sigs, all WH's. I asusme this was a serious staging area for running the static class 4. By far the most developed W-space system I have seen.

So our High Sec mining and industrial pursuits continue as we look for the next Worm Hole base.

Fly Safe.

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