Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Possible Success

Well after a week of searching we might possibly have found a new wormhole to call home.

I offlined one of my scanning alts in the Class 4 Wormhole with a Class 2 connection. Knew it was static since it was the only one found during the scan the day before.

I scanned down the Wormhole and jumped through. As always seems the case when trying to find a way out, the system had like 20 signatures in it. Fortunely, I hit an unknown on like the 5th scan of the inner system (for whats its worth I try to quickly remove ladar and grav sigs in the inner system by moving a 2au cross pattern around the inner planets).

This lead to a low sec wormhole. Even better it was within 11 jumps of my main scanning character.

I jumped in my main and scanned downt he rest of the system. The last signature i scanned down was a wormhole to class 2. If this proves to be static then I think we have found a new home.

All told the system had 19 signatures. 2 radar, 2 mag, 5 grav, 4 wh, and 6 Ladar.

If the Class 2 Wormhole is static I will be jumping in my BC's, along with a throw away mammoth, tonight to start running the anomolies. From there the corp could have a POS up by the weekend.

Worst case the Class 2 is not static and we bring in more of a transient setup instead of the full blown Larege Amarr POS.

Fly Safe,

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