Monday, December 7, 2009

Leaving Our First Home

We have effectively bottomed out our first hole, not that it was packed to begin with.

We moved in the Small POS when we found the Wh had 3 grav sites and direct connection to HS. Being our first endevour as a corp we thought that the High Sec static wormhole would be a good thing. Quite the opposite. While it did allow us to get out every day and refine our mins at 100%, it did also have the downside of attracting a lot of traffic.

The first three grav sites despawned and another one spawned. It lasted 3 days and we got another.

Yesterday, I logged in to find a fairly large contengent in our "home" and they were chewing through the last grav site, so decided it was time to pack up and look for a better wormhole to call home.

Figures the night we decide to pack we had a ton of activity on the High Sec Static. Fortunetly, we made a friend in a Legion who helped us guard the hole and we got everything out with no problem.

At this point we are building some stuff to sell to get what we need for our next trip including a reactor for gases, and a refinery so we dont need to open our outbound holes.

So now the search is on for a nice class 2 or 3 with a static 2 or 3 to call home.

Fly safe.

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