Monday, December 21, 2009

Good News - Bad News

Well I decided this weekend that I was tired of looking for a High Sec opening to the Wormhole and that it was time to jump my small POS "forward post" into the hole so that I would at least have some base of operation larger then the Orca and could start to mine and run the anomolies without having to worry so much about visitors and safe spots.

The hole wqas 3 jumps off High Sec in the Black Rise area and I started to transfer up the small Caldari POS and ECM for the forward post i planned to set up till we could get a decent high sec opening for the Orca's and the large Amarr POS for the corp.

Well as is always the case, or so it seems, the route got hot right when we were ready to jump off high sec with the first of two trips we needed to run to the hole. The route had been quiet all night, but once we were ready we got a Pirate in a Drake bouncing around, as well as two small blobs who appeared to be looking for each other. In the end, we had a few brushes at "clear gates", with people warping in at the same time as us, but we got the two trips to and from the hole done and I now had my small POS setup in my Orca.

That's the good news.

Bad news is I learned the hard way that mass allocations most definetly are variable.

I have closed several holes so far and thought I had it down pretty well. Stranded a Abby once, but all the other times was fine with the Orca and Abby closing our wormholes. Seemed pretty easy, warp Orca through till it registers the first change in mass status. If the Orca is on the "wrong" side when this happens, then warp "in" and "out" one more time and start using the Abby. Note: all the holes I have closed so far are 2B lifetime holes (A239, B274, D382)

So I start to close the A239. Sure enough a few trips with the orca and the hole flipped to the "mass effected but not critical" message and Orca was on Low Sec side. Orca back and out again, and started jumping the abby. Got the "mass critical" with all three ships outside (including my magnate prober), same as every other time. Jumped the Abby back in and "bye bye hole". So there I sat with Orca and POS on the wrong side. First time ever that the Abby has closed a hole that had not shown critical in 2 jumps.

Well so here i sit now with an Orca and Magnate in Low Sec of Black Rise, and my abby (and offlined scanning alts) inside. Well I logged the Orca off and logged on a scanning toon on that account, and scanned the new A239 down. Found it 29 jumps from the low sec it was at (the farthest from my base yet). So I jumped the 29 jumps to get the magnate back into the hole (again since all the BM's for the system were in the Orca).

So the bottom line is what to do now.

First I know I need a smaller ship to make the last few jumps to bring the hole critical. The Abby is just over 5% of the WH mass and means I could get into this situation again if the mass is just over the 10% threshold of showing "Critical".

Second, I am at least thankful my POS is with the Orca. I have the ability now to jump systems in mid stream if I can get another entrance to W-space from a place near my Orca. I am not at all excited to try to runthe orca back to high sec, as it is not setup with either ecm or warp stabilizers and would be a sitting duck with its long align time.

So tonight I will reconnect the Magnate and Orca in hopes of finding a way back into w-space and either a new home, or back to high sec.

Fly Safe,

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